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Case Studies

Mobile Learning Solution for People Managers

Mobile Learning

The Learning & Development Team at a leading international software company (“The Company”) based in the US, is responsible for providing core and common skills training for more than 15,000 people managers globally. The team wanted to shift learning experiences they offered to their managers, from a solely event-based approach, to one which offered opportunities for more on-going performance support outside of the training classroom, to help managers better apply the learning back on the job.

Specifically, their goal was to provide managers globally with easily accessible, just-in-time learning support, through sketch videos, articles, worksheets and quizzes, to help them deliver results through their team and better navigate common people manager challenges.

CM Group has worked closely with the Company on hundreds of learning projects for over 13 years, and has built award winning eLearning content for them. CM Group has deep expertise with mobile learning solutions, and with their Agylia Learning Management System, they have a cloud based solution for mobile content management. As a result, the Company approached CM Group to help them design and build their learning solution, using the Windows platform, that encompassed, not only ‘bite-size’ content on practical management topics, but also incorporated gamification principles and rewards to help drive adoption and on-going usage.

The App needed to:

  • Run on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, and enable managers to login with their Corporate Active Directory credentials.
  • Support managers to consume, in an office manner, various types of content including video content, Office document content and tracked, interactive quiz content.
  • Record consumption metrics, quiz scores and completion data even while the App was offline and make this information available to content administrators.
  • Enable administrators of the system to easily upload and push out new content to the App users, and support push notifications, so that administrators can easily communicate with the users.
  • Provide an engaging user experience. It was essential that managers found the content compelling and useful to their role, and wanted to keep coming back for more.

In terms of gamification, users can earn points by performing various activities inside the App. The App home page displays the current user’s points together with a Leaderboard that enables managers to see their position relative to their colleagues. In addition to points, users are able to earn achievement awards (badges, medals and trophies), and prizes.

To support the automatic allocation, management and distribution of prizes in the form of electronic gift certificates, CM Group integrated the Apps with Tango Card, an online gift card platform.

The project has resulted in the development of an innovative and creative App that has potential to make big impact in the value of mobile learning, by bringing together compelling content, gamification principles, and rewards.

The Company very recently launched the App on Windows Phone 8 and will shortly extend the App to Windows 8.1, to further increase ease-of-access globally to the App’s content.