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Case Studies

Mass Migration of Microsoft Training Content

Technical Content Services

In July of 2011, Microsoft Worldwide Operations Readiness, a division of Microsoft Corporation, commissioned CM Group to turn their existing Channel Partner training content into standardized, SCORM-compliant online courses and certifications that could be hosted on the Microsoft Partner Learning Center (PLC) for access worldwide. The source content consisted of over 1,000 individual pieces of content, including media assets, demos, and PowerPoint decks, all of which aimed to target 69 different audience types. The tight timelines meant that all 1,000 separate pieces of documentation had to be in the new format within eight weeks from the project start.

CM Group’s approach to the project was very systematic, and the detailed advance preparation and planning was key to the project’s success. Robust procedures and strict adherence to a predefined content template, plus a check list for QA and testing, also helped to focus the assembled team and the customer. This systematic approach enabled any issues to be managed as exceptions as and when they arose.

CM Group used its own proprietary rapid-authoring product, Luminosity Studio, to ensure that the project was both cost effective and the turnaround was fast. “This project would not have been possible in the timescales without Luminosity. The tool is extremely easy to use and, combined with approved templates, made the course creation process quick and error free.” Microsoft Worldwide Operations Readiness Manager, who commissioned the work.