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Case Studies

Performance Management Training at Microsoft

Training Design and Development

Microsoft Corporation’s management team play a key role in making the company successful and in ensuring that the company is a great place to work. The Employee and Management Excellence Team, part of their Human Resources function, were therefore tasked with creating new training to further develop and enhance their management capability.

The training targeted management skills in three key areas: managing the performance of employees, taking on management responsibilities at Microsoft, and developing the skills to successfully recruit managers. The interactive training had to be scenario-based, using videos to present real-life situations that the managers were likely to encounter, thus improving knowledge retention and promoting behavioral change.

Content Master had developed a well-received Performance Management course for Microsoft in 2011, so were the natural partner of choice to refresh this course to match the latest requirements, and to develop two new courses – Hiring Managers and New Microsoft Managers.

Content Master worked closely with the Microsoft team to create interactive, highly effective and engaging courses that could be delivered in multiple languages to all Microsoft territories. A key requirement was that the courses should match the new Metro styling that is ubiquitous with Windows 8. This was achieved through detailed course design and a very close working relationship between the Microsoft stakeholders and the Content Master Instructional Design team.

The courses were developed within a highly constrained timeframe, and completed on schedule. The overall response to the development of the courses has been excellent, with all stakeholders in agreement that Content Master delivered above and beyond expectation, against a challenging set of requirements.