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Case Studies

Windows 8 app in C++ and XAML

Learning Strategy Consulting, Mobile Learning

The Microsoft Patterns & Practices team contracted Content Master to help them develop a fast and fluid Windows Store app, for release with the general availability of Windows 8. The app source code can be used by developers worldwide as an example of how best to develop a Windows Store app. David Britch, a Senior Technologist with Content Master, specializing in client side development, was chosen by patterns & practices to fulfil this demanding assignment. David became part of the software development team, bringing his software development expertise and experience to the team.

The project, covering pre-release Windows 8 through to the final release of Windows 8, required rapid technical ramp-up and the ability to work to tight, and changing deadlines, to deliver a high-quality app.

The app, developed using C++ and XAML, is a complete app that demonstrates modern development practices for building Windows Store apps. The app, along with the accompanying guidance documentation, demonstrates to Windows Store app developers how to:

  • Implement common functionality for apps, such as tiles, pages, controls, navigation, file system integration, and suspend/resume
  • Implement the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and Repository patterns
  • Use modern C++ effectively in apps
  • Implement asynchronous programming to make an app fast and fluid
  • Use Accelerated Massive Parallelism (AMP) to offload intensive computation to the GPU
  • Make an app ready for the global market
  • Test an app and tune its performance

The success of the project resulted in it being released as a Windows 8 SDK sample, which can be downloaded here, with the guidance documentation being published on the Windows Dev Center here. In addition, a session at //build/ presented tips that we learnt while developing the app, which can be viewed here. Finally, the app has been re-developed in WinJS, as an example of best practice software development for Windows 8 web developers.