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Customer Quotes

We are global leaders in the creation and delivery of advanced eLearning and mobile learning solutions, which use the latest technologies to drive improved staff performance and realise tangible business benefits. Our customers include Microsoft and other large and innovative companies across the world. What our customers say about us:


“The deadlines imposed by the project were nearly impossible to meet – and yet, you delivered in the required timeframe with the high quality and advanced level of information that was required for a premium event. Awesome Job.” Microsoft Architecture Guidance 

“CM Group are the most productive and knowledgeable content development and learning management team I have had the chance to work with in my 18 years at Microsoft. Subject matter experts, attention to detail and value are top notch and I have always benefitted from the creative approaches and content they deliver.” Microsoft Retail 

“Our judges worked diligently to scrutinize all materials, ensuring that the final scores accurately reflect the quality of each vendor’s submission. The top three vendors have been identified… Content Master is not only one of the top three, but the overall winner!! Compaq 

“Content Master lived up to their name by providing exceptionally clean, high-quality training materials that won great praise from our reviewers, testers and editors.” Microsoft Learning 

“It really exceeded my expectations. This is the most content-rich course I have ever taken.” 

“I am glad you worked on this. Your whole group has been great to work with.” Microsoft Test 

“This course was the best class I have taken… I would recommend this course to anyone.” Microsoft Corporate Services 

“This has been far and away one of the best courses I have taken since graduating college.” Microsoft PSS 

“The team did an incredible job by ensuring that we met timeliness of the schedule and quality.” Microsoft Training & Certification 

“This last class I attended on managing identities was simply fantastic. The fact that it was thought through sufficiently to actually register live DNS and certificates that allowed us to see how ADFS and single sign-on is implemented is revolutionary. I mean it.” Student on the 20346A Beta Teach